Welcome to our Islamic Bookstore: Ruqaya's Bookshelf!

My name is Asmaa Hussein, founder of this wholesome publishing company based in Canada. (But my official title is Director of Awesomeness.)

Since 2015, our mission has been to publish bright, fun, and engaging Islamic children’s books to add to your home and school libraries.

All our books feature Muslim characters and protagonists, because we believe representing YOU matters!

Diversity in children’s literature contributes astronomically to your child's character education (not to mention, seeing someone who looks like you in a storybook is pretty darn exciting!).

After servitude to God, my daughter Ruqaya is my greatest motivation. As a widowed mother to a rambunctious and beautiful girl, I strive to show her an example of dedication, determination, and excellence.

I named this publishing company after her – Ruqaya’s Bookshelf – because she loves books more than anything.

So pull up a chair, enjoy our books, thumb through our articles, and join our fun-filled adventure!

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