Read Early to avoid Reluctant Readers

There is a prevalent theory in education that says one of the reasons children become reluctant readers as they grow older is that they might not have had fulfilling reading experiences as young kids.

When a parent reads to his or her child, and points out/names the elements in an illustration, the child begins associating words and images with each other. That’s essentially building a mental “bank” of images that the child will later access when when readings books without pictures.

When that bank of images isn’t there, it becomes increasingly difficult and boring for a kid to read. They can’t conjure up scenarios or characters in their heads because they never fully connected words to images. To them, words are flat, one-dimensional things.

If that’s not a reason to start reading to your kids when they’re young, I don’t know what is! Reading might seem like just something “nice” to do with your kids, but it’s actually a really integral part of the learning journey.

It's worth noting that this is just a working theory, and there are many factors that can lead a child to become a reluctant reader.

Do you have a reluctant reader at home? What are some of the strategies you encourage him or her to read?

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