My Favourite Book is Stuck in the Middle!

Today we are chatting with one of our readers, ten-year-old Aisha. She is an aspiring writer and the second child of a family of five children (soon to be six). Her favourite book is Stuck in the Middle by Sumayyah Hussein.

Stuck in the Middle is the story of Salma, middle child between five children, and her struggle living in a bigger than average family.

Can you tell us a little about Stuck in the Middle?

Aisha: Salma is the middle child in a family of five. Her brother, Ismaeel steals her chocolate bar that she had been saving for her best friend's birthday. This makes her really angry and she takes revenge on his video game controller.

Salma has a really tough life. She shares a room with two sisters and her little sister is mean.

But after Ismaeel goes to the hospital because of a bully, Salma and him forgive each other and help each other.

Do you think Salma and you would be friends if you knew each other in real life?

Aisha: Yes, because we have so much in common! We both have four siblings, which isn’t easy! We both have brothers named Ismaeel. She’s a hijabi like me. I like her character because she’s so realistic.

What was your favourite part of the story?

Aisha: My favourite part was when Ismaeel said he was sorry for all the things he did.

Did you learn anything from this book?

Aisha: I learned that you can’t always get revenge. Eventually you have to forgive your siblings. You can’t always keep fighting.

Is hiding your stuff is part of living in a big family?

Aisha: Yes! I am always hiding stuff from my siblings. I once hid a chocolate bar and didn’t find it until a year later.

How did you feel when Ismaeel went to the hospital?

Aisha: I was really shocked. I had to put the book down and pick it up later. But it felt like real life. Bigger families means more drama and more excitement.

Not that long ago, my whole family got locked out of the house, my mother’s phone was dead, so we had to borrow our neighbor’s ladder, and my sister had to go through the second floor window to let us in the house.

We were holding the ladder and cheering her on, and she got in and opened the door. Always drama and excitement, but I love that!

Sounds like you really love being part of a big family.

Aisha: Yes, and I also love this book!

I’m glad that you do, and that you took the time to chat with me. Thank you!

Aisha: You’re welcome. This was so much fun!


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