Publishing Consultation at Ruqaya's Bookshelf


  As founder and CEO of Ruqaya’s Bookshelf   since 2015, my work has revolved around     building connections and resources in the   publishing industry, writing and developing   stories, and deciding which manuscripts to   transform into the books you see on our   website today.

 So far, we've published 35 titles! Tens of t     housands of families, teachers, and school   children worldwide enjoy our books. All praise is due to Allah (swt).

Working in a niche Muslim market for the past 7 years has come with some truly unique experiences. Not all business programs or coaches will have a grasp on the challenges (and rewards) of publishing to a niche market.

That's where I come in! Because of the years I have spent on this rewarding journey, I am often asked for writing and publishing advice. In the past, I have not been able to dedicate the time needed to share this knowledge, but I want that to change.

I believe in information sharing, and would love to see more writers and publishing initiatives take flight.


Publishing Advice and Resource Management

If you’re looking to start your own publishing company, self-publish your book, or promote your already-published book, this service is for you. Depending on your current stage of publication, I will share the appropriate steps needed to transform your manuscript into physical book format and beyond.

Everything from printing, managing stock, shipping orders, and social media marketing strategies are included. You are also welcome to come prepared with any and all detailed questions you have as related to my work at Ruqaya’s Bookshelf. I am happy to direct you towards appropriate resources, editors, illustrators, and designers if you so choose.

Book a call with me by purchasing the package below. Once the package is purchased, I will be personally contacting you to set up an appropriate meeting time.

$299/hour, minimum one hour. Follow up meetings will be $199/hour.



N.B. This is not a manuscript editing service. All payments are final and non-refundable**

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